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TAGS: Foster Support, Becoming A Foster Parent
Written by Washington Foster Team
December 27, 2021

For many, becoming foster parents has long been in the back of their minds. It can be daunting to make the jump to opening your home to foster children, but the results are truly rewarding. That’s why we have created this resource to share the real stories of people in the foster care system. It’s a must-read for any person who is considering becoming a foster parent.

These stories share the unique perspectives and experiences of individuals in the foster care system. Inside, you’ll hear three unique stories:

WACF blog graphic 2.1 Xana – 1 Xana
a former foster child turned college graduate and LGBTQ + advocate
Tiffany and Johni
two parents who overcame incredibly personal and social obstacles to regain custody of their children.

WACF blog graphic 2.2 Tiffany and Johni – 1

WACF blog graphic 2.3 Kristina – 1 Kristina
a busy mother of two who made the leap to become a foster parent (and is never looking back)

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Here is a portion of one of the incredible stories:

As the older sibling of a younger brother, Xana had always been very protective of him. When the pair entered foster care at ages 14 and 13, Xana was very concerned about staying together and in fact they were soon separated. In their first foster care home, Xana struggled with feeling like they didn’t belong. 

WACF blog graphic 3


The Biggest Surprise

A shift occurred for Xana when they met with a counselor at their high school. Determined to stay the four years at their current high school, Xana was doing everything in their power to get a placement in the area.

During their meeting with the counselor, Xana got connected to a brand new foster family. Little did they know, this would become their forever home. 

Meeting with the foster family at a local coffee place, Xana remembers knowing almost immediately that their life had been changed forever the moment they walked in the door.

With the support of their foster family, Xana has been able to achieve many incredible things. Xana turned their C and D grades around to As, gave a speech at their high school graduation, and was able to finish their bachelor’s degree debt-free by winning scholarships.

Additionally, Xana was able to come out as transgender while finishing their university degree. “After being able to come out to myself and deconstructing my performance of being a girl to survive in the system, I’ve been doing my best to pay it forward by working with other LGBTQ+ youth in foster care.”

Read the full resource now.

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